Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Embroidery - Supporting Study

I've recently done another Supporting Study, I chose to do it in Embroidery. Our Brief was to design 6 samples for either a bag or garment using skills we would learn throughout the Supporting Study. The brief was created by Ruth Cox of Oasis. Oasis is a large charity company based in India. They take women and single mothers off the streets and teach them embroidery and print skills so they can earn qualifications and proceed to get jobs. Ruth Cox explained that the designs we came up with would all be assessed and then considered to be taken to Oasis, made there and then sent back to England to be sold. I chose to design for the bag. Although floral isn't my 'thing' I found these delicious vintage fabrics in town for quite cheap and decided my plan was to use a simple shape to repeat and create patterns. I took our 3 week limit into consideration and wanted to keep it nice and simple.

I designed my 6 samples, they're very twee and girly which isn't my normal style but I'm still pleased how they turned out given the fact it was such a short project. They were all different but I made sure they all stuck to a theme and looked like a collection. My samples were one of the collections chosen and taken to India to be considered for Oasis.

This is the only picture I have of the samples, sorry it's not very clear.

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